Dalgety Bay Guides

SGF Grant Report

Planting the planters

Planting the planters

The grant of £100 has so far been spent on purchasing of plants and compost for the 3 new large Jubilee Planters located at the Church roundabout, in addition to the current selection of bedding plants around the newly installed Jubilee Plaque on the Jubilee embankment, Western Approach Road. The spend on this equates to just over £50.

Dalgety Bay Guides

Dalgety Bay Guides

The remaining funds will be utilised in the Autumn time to purchase bulb supplies. We will involve the local community youth groups in planting out, not only the three large Jubilee planters, but also to develop the border area further around the Golden Jubilee plaque in partnership with Dalgety Bay Horticultural Society and other community representatives.
Additional plants have also been supplied to the locals who have developed planting areas at the north of Jubilee Park, Inchview Gardens, and it is hoped to be able to provide bulb supplies to them as well.

Romana Grant (Guide Leader)


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