Saltoun Primary and Nursery Planting Project

In May 2015 Saltoun Primary School and Saltoun Nursery started a project where every child was given a 20lt plant pot to grow whatever they wanted.

PotsThey decorated their pots and with the aid of a suggested plant list picked what they would like to grow. They then planted or sowed the plants and were given basic instructions on how to maintain the pots.
The children were given time regularly to water and weed their pots. They were encouraged to use their own time to look after the pots as well.The Children who left for pottinhHigh school this year took their pots with them and will hopefully continue to grow in the future.

tiny carrot

The nursery children have been able to follow plants from seed to table and enjoyed eating carrots and potatoes that they grew themselves.
While this year’s harvest has had mixed results, good for carrots, but bad for Strawberries. It has prompted a lot of questions and going forward the children will be looking more into pollination, fertilisers, and general plant husbandry. They are already looking forward to next year.
Saltoun Primary School would like to say a huge thank you to the following people:
R&B Nurseries, for donating the pots.
Garden Solutions, for donating the compost.
Dalkeith Horticultural Society for their continuing support and expertise.
The Scottish Gardeners Forum, for their grant which made all of this possible.
Your generosity has offered a unique opportunity to Saltoun Primary which will hopefully produce a new generation of gardeners.
2015 Plants grown by childrensunflowers
Potatoes (3 var)
Green beans
Broad Beans
Sweet peas
Mixed Herbs

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